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Pride in North Carolina, Inc.

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PRIDE IN NORTH CAROLINA, INC. is a private organization established in 1988 to provide services to persons of all ages with mental illness, mental retardation and behavioral disorders.

PRIDE provides a community-based network of services designed to serve an individual’s needs in the least restrictive and most appropriate setting. Services are developed based upon the premise that programs should be as flexible and unrestrictive as the individual's needs allow. Additionally, these services should change as the needs of the individual changes.

PRIDE services are rooted in the concept of normalization - the belief that all persons, regardless of the nature and extent of disability, should be integrated into their community and enjoy all the residential, recreational, educational, vocational and social benefits the community offers. This approach maximizes continuity with the individual's own family and community network.

PRIDE understands the importance of individualized treatment programs in reaching individuals who, understandably, do not respond to a "one-size-fits-all" approach. Pride in North Carolina, Inc. is able to tailor services to provide an effective treatment program for even the most "unique" needs. If there is a need, Pride in North Carolina, Inc. will address it.

PRIDE furthermore strives to maintain the dignity and worth of individuals and their families by acknowledging and respecting their needs, providing them with a support system, and working with them as equal partners. Pride in North Carolina, Inc. has satellite offices located in various parts of the eastern and central North Carolina.

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Pride in North Carolina, Inc.
117 Edinburgh South, Suite 205
Cary, NC 27511

Corporate Office: 1-800-989-7889

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