We want you as involved in the treatment process as possible. You are in the “driver’s seat” of the treatment process.

This requires a commitment to services. We realize that every person and his/her family is different, so this may mean different things for different families. But, basically a commitment to services will mean:

  • Your involvement in the treatment planning process
  • Attending appointments, such as doctor’s appointments, evaluations, diagnostic assessment and therapy
  • A willingness to work with the Qualified Professional and other staff that may be assigned to you
  • Being open to constructive and tactful feedback offered by our staff that may be sensitive in nature, such as parenting skills, communication skills, family dynamics, standard of living, morals/values and more
  • Being open and honest with us regarding the progress that is or is not being made, staff issues, problems, concerns or changes you would like to see
  • Providing us input by
    • Utilizing the grievance procedure if you have a concern
    • Completing surveys, and
    • Providing us ongoing feedback about the services you receive so we can improve what we do
  • If you receive 1:1 services, you may be asked to verify the staff’s time that they provided services.
  • Maintaining the insurance of the individual served. (In the event that Medicaid or Health Choice Insurance is no longer valid, we expect you to notify the QP immediately.)

We Promise To

  • Serve all clients
  • Offer a sliding scale fee for those without insurance
  • Not deny service based on a person’s:
    • Race
    • Age
    • Religion
    • Color
    • National Origin
    • Sexual Orientation
    • Sex
    • Disability
    • Inability to Pay
  • Accept Insurance, including
    • Medicaid
    • Medicare
    • Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
    • Private Insurance varies by provider

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